Merri Ellen's Story
on Beating Depression (audio)

Listen now to a very personal podcast interview sharing Merri Ellen's journey through depression many years ago which ignited a deeper ability to hear God's voice.

Merri Ellen was interviewed by Dr Dave Currie, Director of Doing Family Right Ministries, along with Canadian comedian Leland Klassen and his wife Carrie. 

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Do you have things in your life that feel like dust and ashes?

This pre-recorded video course is for women who are hungry to learn more about the power, love and healing of Jesus! It’s very personal to me (Merri Ellen Giesbrecht) as my own life story is literally ‘coming from ashes to beauty’ having been suicidal in 2001/02, then coming out of depression and starting to share my story in 2003 to spread hope! My story has now reached 120 countries and over 2 million people.

Come, be inspired by the stories of several women, enjoy a deep dive into Scripture and hearing God speak into your journey!

See what the Lord has for you instead!

The enemy thought he had Jesus trapped, but Resurrection Sunday was coming…!

Women: From Ashes to Beauty!

We unpack the depth of what 'ashes' the Lord wants to turn into beauty in your life too...

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Includes a FREE copy of my ebook: 6 Powerful Ingredients to Cure Depression (my own research) that has reached over 2 million readers in 120 countries since 2003.

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ALL My Research On How I Beat Depression 
And Got My Life Back After Months of Being Suicidal During Pregnancy

Are you or your loved ones suffering with debilitating despair and depression, perhaps on the verge of suicide? This is Merri Ellen's story and research that was first published online in 2003 and has now reached over 2 million people in over 120 countries. There is hope! Download the e-book and begin implementing today!

More Peace for Today
Need some more peace?

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Videos on Hearing God and Healing Prayer

Video Interview:

Jesus is the Greatest Life Coach
(How I lead Healing Prayer Sessions)

Stacey Collins interviews Merri Ellen about her journey from near suicide to now what God is doing turning 'ashes to beauty' in her life, and in many others around the world!
Learn more about Ashes to Beauty for Women

Here's what happened for a Teen Challenge staff member after taking a 5 week intensive on hearing God speak.
Learn more about Women Encounter Jesus in the Noise which took the 5 week intensive course Kelly took and packed it into 5 days!

Helen shares her story of what has happened in her journey with depression!
Learn more about the Freedom Circle for Women that opens up a few times a year!
(Short clip) - We were created to encounter the LIVING God, not simply know about Him. Here's a glimpse of what Merri Ellen sees Jesus do in the lives of women and children.
Learn more about Women Helping Kids Hear God

Merri Ellen Giesbrecht interviews 2nd generation missionary Sue Carpenter on hearing God's voice!

Jennie shares about how her life has been transformed in hearing God's voice and encountering Him!

Dr Dave Currie interviewed Merri Ellen regarding finding Joy with the Good Shepherd through Hearing His Voice.

Val shares what happened when God told her to 'let go'!

Charlene Helm interviewed Merri Ellen about finding peace in the current noise!
(Just before the Oct 2021 event.)

Merri Ellen shares about the power of authentic relationship with Jesus - praying FROM His true nature rather than starting from our negative emotions.

Charlene Helm and Noelle McGough interviewed Merri Ellen regarding the very first ever 5 Day Kick Start for Women: Encountering Jesus in the Noise
(Just before the May 2021 event.)

Mara De Los Reyes of Hope for a Healed Heart interviews Merri Ellen who shares the story of a 

child healed from juvenile more about the 50 teens HEALED through prayer! 

Here's an interview after what happened when 50 teens and staff were healed. Merri Ellen (aka Camp Speaker 'MEG') shares the story!

Mara De Los Reyes interviews Merri Ellen on the common blocks to hearing God's voice.

From Ashes to Beauty Activation

If you haven't downloaded this one yet, this "Are You Stuck?" exercise gives you a glimpse of what God has planned  for YOU... and fills you with NEW HOPE!

It's a favourite among my clients based off of Isaiah 61.

Help yourself to this free resource:
Download today:  "Ashes to Beauty" exercise!
Cure Your Depression E-Course

Access Merri Ellen's Cure Your Depression emailed course she refers to which has reached over 120 countries since 2003 walking over 2 million subscribers through depression into joy!
Insomnia Resource

Can't sleep? Free resource that includes both science and prayer help: Help for insomnia.

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