Need help to relieve your insomnia?

Merri Ellen Giesbrecht
Life Coach & Spiritual Director

I've noticed a recent increase in people's insomnia and have compiled a helpful resource for you to use and share with loved ones.

I have included for you both:

  • scientifically proven practical information (bedtime routine) and...
  • how to pray over your body!

If you have confessed Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you have been given a rich inheritance. His name, His blood and His Holy Spirit have incredible power over all things, including sickness and oppression. Sometimes oppression can come in the form of insomnia.


"I need to comment! Merri Ellen, I said this prayer for myself and for two nights I have fallen into a deep sleep. I have woken up only to use the washroom! Yay! Last night I went to bed at 8:30 intent on reading and fell asleep before 9:00. I woke up just after midnight and went back to sleep till 4:00 am- unheard for me. And then....I went back to sleep again and didn’t wake up till almost 8:00 am!
I haven’t slept like this in years!" 

Thank you Jesus and thank you Merri Ellen for all your research and energy spent on helping each one of us be set free from all these different things that have accumulated in our lives. Bless you!"❤️
- Sue Shepherd 

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