Dear sister,
Could you use a word of encouragement?

Do you long for God to see you
and know your heart in this season?
We are inviting women
who need encouragement to join us for our next

on Monday, March 25th, 2024! 

*Live participation not required

Women, reserve your spot!
Invite your friends!
Video originally recorded in July 2022 the first time we did this!
It was such a hit, we keep doing it! :)

Please join us for an upcoming FREE event
to receive hope and encouragement.

Q: What is the event?

1. Women from our beloved Freedom Coaching Circle of women
(who are weekly practicing hearing God together)
will humbly ask God how He delights in you 
and how He'd like to bless you!

2. Then, they will share what they feel Holy Spirit is saying!

3. You have the choice to receive the word,
while always testing it out,
or leaving it completely with the Lord.

Q: How do you receive your specific word?

Simply join us for the LIVE event
which will be streamed inside our private FB group
where you are welcome to engage with us.

You have fun 2 options:

1.) Watch the LIVE event and listen for your word.

2.) If you miss the LIVE event, you can simply watch the replay!

Then, simply comment in the video replay if and how it resonated for you.

Q: When is the event?

Inside the private FB group, you will
see all the event details.

We are set for:
Monday, March 25th going LIVE at 8:30am PST
*Live attendance is not required!


The Word of Encouragement
event is FULL but you can still participate!

Watch the LIVE or watch the replay!

Not in our FB group?
Request access here!

* Simply request below!

If you submit early, your chance of receiving will be greater.
Thanks in advance for the joy of serving you!

*If you sign up after March 10,
we may simply supply you
with a Word of Encouragement after the LIVE event.
Feel free to still submit below... :)

The Word of Encouragement
event is FULL but you can still participate!

Watch the LIVE or watch the replay!

Not in our FB group?
Request access here!

Simply, enter below!

( be updated on ALL the event details.)

Do you have a friend you'd like to bless too?

Invite them! :)

Please, join us
and receive a word of encouragement! 

...all from our Freedom Circle women
who weekly practice hearing from the Lord!

Merri Ellen Giesbrecht
Life Coach & Spiritual Director

Meet your host and coach…

Merri Ellen is a Certified Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director, who has helped people around the world in multiple countries encounter Jesus and receive the healing that only He can bring. 
Since 2003, she has coached over 2 million people (yes, 2 million) in over 120 countries through what she has learned in encountering His joy and peace.

(She started in the early days of the internet simply via email and later recorded video teaching. In recent years, it has been LIVE and INTERACTIVE via zoom!)

She has watched God's presence bring more breakthrough in one 50-minute session than years of attending church services or traditional counselling. These have their place but encountering Jesus personally is the gold! He is the Healer, Great Physician and Wonderful Counsellor.

Through her own personal healing journey from ministry burnout, she discovered the transforming power of encountering more of Jesus with Christ-centered heart healing and as a result became passionate about others experiencing that same freedom and healing!

Today, she coaches ministry leaders, business professionals, homeschooling moms, and more!

She loves to empower Jesus followers to truly encounter Jesus all over the world so they can experience Jesus as He really is, and be transformed in the process.

Women everywhere are not yet walking in the fullness of who God created them to be. You can connect with Jesus, receive healing from emotional pain/trauma and make space for God to uncover lies that keep you from living from a whole heart.

She will be joined by...
Alesha Bruneski
Prayer Coach & Spiritual Director

Alesha is deeply passionate about encountering Jesus and loves leading others to experience and hear Him speak for themselves. 

In her journey of learning to walk more intimately with the Lord and hearing Him, her life has been completely transformed. She has been profoundly impacted by how her own children encounter God through simple activations and seeing the amazing transformation that has taken place in them!

Deanne Pohl
Prayer Coach & Spiritual Director

Deanne is gifted and passionate about leaning into Jesus and learning what His voice sounds like. She enjoys guiding women, teens, and children to encounter Jesus! She brings everything back to Jesus, asking Him what is on His heart for you. She is a diligent student of God’s Word and prioritizes time spent in prayer at His feet and listening to His voice. 
Sue Carpenter
Prayer Coach & Spiritual Director

Sue is a joy filled encourager with a passion to see people of all ages walk in their identity and authority.  She loves guiding others through listening prayer with the Holy Spirit into their own breakthrough and freedom. She also enjoys an itinerant ministry in over 29 nations empowering young and old to attune to God's heart and voice. 

With a background of 10 years on a church staff and 30 years of dedicated service in overseas missions, she brings a wealth of knowledge to empower and guide those on their spiritual journey.

Noelle McGough
Prayer Coach & Spiritual Director
Noelle is a seasoned expert with experience in guiding individuals towards their true calling and purpose. With a heart dedicated to inner healing and personal transformation, Noelle specializes in Business and Career Guidance, having owned multiple businesses in several domains, while offering discernment and the ability to hear God's voice in the midst of life's uncertainties.

Be inspired by these testimonials from past events!

“Hi Merri Ellen. I just wanted to thank you so much for putting on this event. 

I grew up (in a traditional church) and felt like my faith was always being squelched. I was not supposed to get too excited. This weekend I learned that God IS bigger and wants to talk to me and I have found a new way to study scripture and its transformational. 

...My friend invited me to this event and I spent all weekend with God. It was so amazing!! I have been sleeping better and not waking up with this feeling of dread. I am learning that He wants to be my best friend and the bridegroom I never had. 

I love your passion and excitement and Jesus's love shines through you. Thank you again.”


"Bless you, Merri Ellen... for being the willing vessel the Lord is looking for, to be His new wineskins, carefully holding His precious Spirit, and dispensing it to all who are around you. You are all amazing, and I am so blessed and privileged... I feel I have seen and learned so much. Thank you!"


"Hi Merri Ellen,

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience of this event. 

I wish to express my gratitude for your openness and for all the women who shared their stories. It is so powerful when a group of women can get together and be vulnerable and talk openly about their faith!

Again, Thanks be to God for your work with women and this Coaching Circle. We all need this!"


"God speaks to me!"

"Merri Ellen I cannot explain to you what's happening in my heart. God is good. Listening to the Holy Spirit is so much sweeter than all the other voices I've been hearing for years."

"I've told so many people about you and how much I enjoyed learning from you.  It's been amazing for me and I feel like I've really just begun on this journey!"


"Thank you so much for this. There is so much going on that I've been encouraged by. Jesus is so amazing and I love the time I am spending with him. It's opened up a whole new way of seeing things... Kingdom perspective!"

"Meeting you was so timely. I was a believer for 17 years and just realized how misinformed I was. I don't think I believed my Good, Good Father. If people knew the truth of the Word, they would be free indeed."

We love to gather women for interactive reflecting, equipping, spiritual direction and coaching with Jesus leading the way!

Thank you for joining us for this event!

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